My workshops with Mia Tavonatti

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Great article about Mia Tavonatti, her Power of Words projects and her mosaic art.

My very first mosaic class was with Mia in 2015 in Israel.

A 5-day intensive workshop in which we learned how you can paint with glass.

A "simple" flower was the subject. A week full of blood, sweat, tears, fun and very late evenings working in the studio. Also a week in which I made friends for life!

The second one was in 2016 in Greece. Another very intensive workshop in which we learned all about the andamento in portraits. Again, every day we got pushed to our limits again! Yes, Mia knows how to get the best out of you....

After the workshop Mia showed us "her Greece" (she lived in Afissos for some summers) and she did. We toured for 3 days around the Pilion in our own private bus with chauffeur. She introduced us to lots of wonderful Greek people. We had lovely meals, we swam, relaxed, saw and talked a lot.

A course with Mia is life-changing! Not only did I make friends for life, my mosaic art did not go up one step, but a whole ladder! Thank you Mia!




After the first workshop in Israel I made this mosaic. This is Mia taking a picture of the Mediterranean Sunset at Jaffa/Tel Aviv.


Mia's comment on this mosaic which made me very happy:

I think it not only looks like me, but feels like me in that moment. Hope that's what you were going it!

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